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Freeze-Dried Candies

Welcome to Bellas Candy Shoppe. We take pre-made candies like Skittles, Charleston Chews, Bit-O-Honey, and more and transform them into something, well, better. We freeze-dry candy, removing all of the sticky, wet chewiness, and what is left is truly remarkable.  Light and airy crunchy snacks of pure perfection. 

Try all of our Freeze-Dried Candies: Skittles, Charleston Chews, Bit-O-Honey, Salt Water Taffy, Gummies, and much, much more. Cant decide? Try our new Flavor Pack filled with a variety of Freeze-Dried Candies. 

Want to give the gift of Bellas Freeze Dried Candies? Easy! Simply purchase a Gift Card in the amount you choose and instantly send via email. Gift Card holders can instantly shop, check their balance and enjoy all of the benefits of Bellas Candy Shoppe.

Freeze drying is a process that takes all of the moisture out of foods such as candy, meats, vegetables and fruits while maintaining all of the nutrients and flavors. In fact, in many cases, freeze drying will enhance the flavor profile of some foods, such as Bellas Candy.

Our Freeze-Dried Candy is sealed in Mylar bags that can hold your food fresh for up to 30 years. While we have not personally tested this because any bag of Bellas Freeze Dried Candies laying around is quickly opened and enjoyed by all, we do rely on the science behind freeze drying.

Each Mylar bag comes with a zipper to keep open bags as fresh as possible. We hope you enjoy these candies as much as we have enjoyed making them for you. 

For more on the process of Freeze Drying, check out this Wikipedia Article.