Benefits of Freeze-Dried Candy

Are there Benefits of Freeze-Dried Candy

Benefits of Freeze-Dried Candy

This is the top question get asked. And our answer may surprise you.

Freeze-drying certain candies removes all of the moisture from the candy, leaving a light, crunchy snack in it’s place. These light and crunchy bites of brand candy play an important role in how we eat candy. Read below for some benefits of Freeze-Dried Candy

People with Braces

Traditional braces involve a post being cemented to individual teeth. Eating hard foods, such as apples, pears, steaks, etc, can cause those posts to break off of the tooth, which means an extra trip to the Orthodontist. Wait… what about the candy? Some chewy candies, such as Skittles, Lemonheads, Hi Chews, and so on, can also break the posts off from the tooth. Also, these chewy candies can leave little bits stuck to the posts, wires, and teeth. While no freeze-dried candy is 100% risk free of breakage, it is reduced significantly.

Dental Partials

For those who wear partials, the same can apply, certain foods may break or bend the clips the connect the partials to the teeth. These can also become gummy and leave you picking at it all day. While some freeze-dried candy will turn back to a slightly gummy state, candies such as Gummy Peach Rings and Gummy Blue Raspberry Rings,  many will simply dissolve in your mouth leaving a fresh, fruity taste that is magnified by the freeze-drying process.


Many people believe that, once you have dentures you have to eliminate certain foods that are extremely sticky. Nope. Our Freeze-Dried Bit-O-Honeys are light and crispy and will dissolve in your mouth. Our Salt Water Taffy will simply melt on the tongue, no more chew, gooey, sticky candy to fight with.

So, go ahead, buy that bag of candy and enjoy! You Deserve It!


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