Bellas Freeze-Drying

Bellas Freeze-Drying – What you Should Know

It is no secret that at Bellas Candy Shoppe freeze-drying candy is what we do. What you need to know is what else we put into (and DO NOT put into) our freeze-dryers.

In June 2020, we purchased our first freeze-dryer for a specific purpose, to freeze-dry candy. Starting in February 2021, Bellas will also be freeze-drying fruits, vegetables, and an assortment of cookies and pies. This is all we have run through our machine and all that we intend to run through it.

First things first

Bellas Candy Shop is now a legal entity under Lil Bellas LLC. We are no longer working under the Arizona Cottage Laws. We have a lease agreement with a local Commercial Kitchen to prepare all foods for the freeze-dryer. Undergoing regular inspections will ensure everything is in good working order and used for the intended purpose, however, you should expect no less from us. Bellas Candy Shoppe is extremely excited to begin this phase of our operations and cannot wait to bring you our newest delights. However, Bella’s is waiting for their physical permits (yes, there are two) to come from the Arizona Health Department so they can begin the cookies, pies, and other confectionary delights. But, be patient, good things come to those who wait.

Soon, our shelves will be full of fruits and vegetables. These will include cut cucumbers with different seasonings, Sweet Bell Peppers, Carrots, Zucchini, Green Beans, Strawberries, Pineapple, Apple, Pear, and Kiwi. However, our regular selection of goodies is always available. These snacks are perfect for human consumption.


Why do I keep saying “for human consumption”? Some stores are selling products that shouldn’t be eaten by humans from machines that do prepare food for human consumption. Not saying these are bad products at all. But, you need to know that your food is being created in a facility that does not allow the production of ‘other’ foods.